Simplest of things

Some of our worst fears, problems and issues can be handled in the simplest manner. We keep on worrying and analyzing about how those shall be resolved or what would become of “it”.

One of the simplest solutions to tackle a problem is to just start tackling it and not merely wondering about how it shall be tackled. Follow a few simple steps:

1. Think on it for a while and do not be caught into a stream of “what if ” situations for too long.

2. Know what is the first and foremost action that you can take.

3. Take that action.

4. Keep on taking that action.

Taking the first step is the key. The first step shall attract further opportunities and even may attract some more problems, solving which shall result into obtaining the final fruit.

And remember the first step has to be more than a positive thought that I shall do it. It has to be an act of will.



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