A revelation

Take out some time. Shut off your mobile phone ( not on silent mode , but a complete off). Go out some where if you preferr to. Take a cup of coffee if you like. Find a sitting place, perhaps out of reach of city noise and rush. Choose a time when its ample sun light and a pleasant day. Take a paper and pen with you.

And think of your mistakes you have done in the past. Put them on
the left hand side of paper. Do NOT be defensive, or justifying for them. It’s only YOU, in front of whom you are accepting the truth.
So you can be comfortably honest.

Now think of all you have got, all the good things in your life, for which you can or should thank some one else or God or yourself and write them down too.

To your surprise, you would find that almost any mistake you made
was a result of ignoring some of the blessed thing you had.
That thing might have been your nice spouse, a good job, your health,
your reading ability, your sense of analysing a situation or ability to handle yourself and others at anger, whatver it is…

We start to make mistakes when we ignore the blessings around !

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