About Love Redefined:

Love Redefined is about Redefining Love in your life. It’s about developing the capacity to love ourselves, before we start or claim to love others.

Genuine love is quite different than that proposed and pictured in romance literature or movies from Holly Wood. It was always there, is there and will be there in its genuine, authentic form as it was supposed to be but we were and mostly are still unaware of it. Thus it is we who need to Redefine Love for us. Love redefined is about making  people see love differently from the myths of the works of fiction authors to what nature wanted us to do with love: transformation to our higher selves! 

Genuine love (and from now onwards I will use the word Love only) has the power to transform anyone to any level. Love is the strongest intangible force that exists in the universe. All other forces emerge from it.

I know it because I have gone through it. I have experienced it. I have been transformed by it.