Love Redefined is about Redefining Love in your life. It’s about developing the capacity to love ourselves, before we start or claim to love others.

Genuine love is quite different than that proposed and pictured in romance literature or movies from Holly Wood. It was always there, is there and will be there in its genuine, authentic form as it was supposed to be but we were and mostly are still unaware of it. Thus it is we who need to Redefine Love for us. Love redefined is about making  people see love differently from the myths of the works of fiction authors to what nature wanted us to do with love: transformation to our higher selves! 

Genuine love (and from now onwards I will use the word Love only) has the power to transform anyone to any level. Love is the strongest intangible force that exists in the universe. All other forces emerge from it.

I know it because I have gone through it. I have experienced it. I have been transformed by it.

About Myself:

New to my blog? New to my writings? New to Love Redefined?  I welcome you on a journey that you would start with in yourself, a journey that will transform you into your finest version.

I am Hassan Bukhari. And I do love to write. I do love to listen to my heart and love to share to you what I listen. I have more other introductions but at the moment its enough to start our communication.

I used to be an introvert, some one who does not like much to tell or talk about one self. I also did not love myself. I rather was involved in some thing that I  today called anti-love. It is not hate, but it isn’t love either.


Those wonderful eleven years:

Before I started to write here at this blog, I had eleven very painful years of my life. What did I go through in those years has not very much to do here at this point, I may some day share that in one of my writings, but during those years I did not love myself.

But this blog has every thing to do with, how I dealt with myself and transformed after those eleven years.  Today I call those extremely painful years as those eleven wonderful years, because I realize that without them, I could not have become, what I am today!

I learnt that most of us do not love ourselves: 

The lack of knowing about genuine love, the lack of genuine love, the lack of genuine love towards ourselves and others is the biggest source of pain that we go through and this pain is not even necessary. It is kind of self-inflicted.

Hey……..from this side :

Today, I meet tens of dozen of people inflicting the same pain to themselves and those dear to them, and going through the same misery that I had gone through for quite a period of my life. I started to write this all to allow every one who reads these words, to understand genuine love and to not go through an unnecessary pain in life. 

I would think is this necessary for every one else to go through the same pain, that I had gone through?  If I have bruised myself carving out a path in a thick forest, can I not shout out to others ….. Hey from this side !

Love is beyond what we normally think, that’s why God chose it to be his first expression !

More About Myself:

My Coaching Work : www.hassanbukhari.net/

My Consulting Work : www.oajekamal.com/

More about the author: Hassan Bukhari is a professional trainer, speaker, writer and visionary and has delivered over 1200 training sessions on topics of  leadership excellence, decision making, corporate strategic management, personal development , parenting, relationships and love to more than 100,000 people from different backgrounds.  He has developed his expertise as Business & Management Consultant and a Life Coach. 

Hassan is currently heading “Oaj e Kamal” as CEO which he founded in October of 2005. Since then he has been training people through open house seminars as well as in-house training sessions from government, and private sector from national and international organisations. Hassan has been a columnist for “The Pakistan Observer” and “National Herald Tribune” and has quite some work ready for publishing in English as well as Urdu literature in poetry, essays and short stories.


Hassan can be contacted at :  contact@hassanbukhari.net

or at his consulting website :  http://www.oajekamal.com

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