We resist. We tend to resist. We argue in our minds. We listen to the truth but do not accept it. Acceptance contains freedom. Truly accepting releases our soul, our hearts, our minds.

Till we learn our lesssons, life keeps on throwing the same test in different forms again and again. With acceptance the tests life throws at us start coming to an end.

Here is a list of things some times or often we should look at and try to know if we are taking too much time to accept them.

1. Accept that I was wrong that time.

2. Accept that I need to change some habits of mine.

3. Accept that my current working style is not taking me any where.

4. Accept that my relationship with my spouse needs a life, a greater input or it would die.

5. Accept that my dress sizes are shooting up.

6. Accept that my job is not fun any more.

7. Accept that I am growing old.

8. Accept that I was stupid that time.

9. Accept that I do not truly love myself.

10. Accept that the medical reports I just received are mine. And I am sick because I have been very non serious towards my health.

Acceptance shall set you free as does truth. There would be many similar facts and truths in your life that are awaiting acceptance. Only accepting them shall enable you to step forward and take an action. Self denial is paralysis.

Acceptance is life !


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