Activating your subconscious

While speaking to a group of audience a phrase slipped my tongue. It was “activate your subconscious” and it was received warmly, yet with a flux of questions. It was rather one question asked by many:”How can we activate our subconscious?” Before answering to this, another important question needs to be addressed:”Why it is important to activate our subconscious? What does an activated subconscious do?”An activated subconscious is the key to miracles happening in our lives, well small regularly occurring miracles. You are looking forward to a place for rent and a friend’s friend tells you he has his house empty for the past three months, at exactly the same location. You want to meet some one and for some unknown reason the person sitting next to you at a dentist’s clinic is exactly her. You want to write for a magazine and you find that they have been looking for you. I am sure many of you would have experienced such things once in a while in their lives. That is because for some reason, the subconscious had been activated, though only for a short span of time. Activating subconscious requires patience, discipline and perseverance, but the fruits are worth it. Here are a few tips to do that.

1. Practice Silence. Decide to become silent for some part of your conscious day. Practice silence. Turn off your cell phones: do not merely switch them on silent mode, because you would still have a thought about an incoming call. Turn off your laptop. Cut off your all social media. Try to not do anything. Just sit. Just do not do anything. Sit, with your hands in your lap as if you had nothing to do or as if you had got everything you had ever wanted to achieve, do or see.
Just for a single while, do it.

Silent your mind as well. Do not think of anything consciously. Do not continue any thought deliberately. If a thought comes to you by itself, let it come and let it leave as well. Do not dwell on that. Watch your thoughts come and go as if you are sitting by the side of a stream and you watch twigs floating on the water, rippling and then moving away from you.

Practice silence for a continuous 30 days. Reserve 20 minutes to stay silent. If possible reserve a place. If possible reserve the same time slot. The same place and time slot shall multiply the effects positively. However without them, things would work either.

2. Practice Certainty. Yesss! Practice certainty. I once asked my mentor: “How to be certain?” He replied:” By being certain”. Tell yourself you are certain. If in doubt, do not act. Listen to your inner self. Cut off from people with negative attitudes or if possible minimize your contact with them. Stop trying to prove yourself against a person or against an idea. Just listen to your inner voice. Listen with certainty. Do not doubt it. If you have tried to do a thing and failed, and after that you sat down to contemplate why did it happen: your first voice that you receive is from your heart.

3. Become aware of your regular conscious thoughts. Do not let your day pass by unconsciously. Know what you are thinking all day. It is our consistent thoughts which become dominant. Our subconscious reacts to the dominant thought when it is sunk in it.

Focus on your questions that you ask all day long to your own self. Are those the why questions: why did she dump me? Why I was pulled into that mess? Why is this all happening to me? Or are those how questions: How can I come out of this? How to make sure that our relationship takes off? How should I get a job near my home?

4. Act lovingly. To love is to grow and put effort in your growth. Spend an hour of loving yourself. Read for 20 minutes daily. Read something good. Exercise for 20 minutes daily. Exercise that makes you perspire. Meditate for 20 minutes daily. Spend one hour of loving yourself. Read. Exercise. Meditate.

Stop hating things, people, places, foods, menus, particular songs. Eliminate words like hate, dislike, crap etc from your life.

5. Start to listen. Decide that you would listen to people. Decide to listen without an intention to reply. Tell yourself that you shall listen only to understand. It would be hard but gradually would form a mental habit.

Listening is one of the greatest skill a human being can learn, master and reap benefits of. You would not misunderstand things. People shall feel connected to you. You shall start to enjoy knowing people. With time you would become better at understanding problems and at exactly diagnosing them.

Doing above 5 things together, for a short while, shall change things enormously, they way you want.

It is small actions, done consistently that bring miracles.

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