Addiction and Love

Addiction is seeking immediate pleasure usually for a temporary escape from a situation that is bothering us or that is pushing us beyond our normal comfort zone.

Every addiction involves the following:

1. An immediate desire to achieve a mental state e.g. relief or pleasure through drugs or alcohol .

2. An action seeking the desired product or activity.

3.  Quenching the desire and immersion into the relief or joy.

4. A feeling of guilt that prevails because the reality has not been changed.

Love is opposite to addiction. Love is facing the difficulty rather than finding an escape route. Loving is taking ourselves out of our mental or physical comfort zones and doing an action that is against our will to relax or not to change.

Love is doing hard work on the problem, while even if we are still stuck in the problem. Love is putting an effort for a higher fruit or reward and postponing immediate relief.

Love and addiction go opposite.

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