Are you in Paris?

How do we really know if we have reached Paris? Take your head out of your window or go to the end of the street, look here and there to see if you can see Eiffel Tower. The chances are you shall be in Paris.

How we do know if we are really loving? I am not saying if we are in love?

The question is way different than that. Let me repeat:

Are you really loving ? How do we know that ?

Each one of us has developed and made his or her Eiffel tower to know if  s/he is in Paris.

We think we are loving because:

We remember our beloved every minute or

We work hard for our children and family or

We are earning money for our families, for whom else?

Message them every hour at their cell phones?

We sent them flowers on their every single occasion or

We think we cannot live without them?

Each one of us has his different set of variables to let us know if we are loving.

And these variables may not be reflecting what love is !

Where lies the answer ?

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