Be willing for a thousand cuts

A hand searches some thing in the mudded floor of a mine. A stone rolls itself towards the palm. The hand picks it up and takes off mud from it. Raises it to see in the sun light. A diamond is born.

It is uncut. Potentially a gem, but presently a stone.

It lets itself be cut and cut again. It lets itself be exposed to the several hundred cuts and hits by the gem cutter.

Its shine depends on its willingness to expose itself for the cuts.

Believe yourself to be a potential gem, but currently a stone. Be willing to offer yourself to be exposes to the tests and cuts of time. Do not be afraid or hesitant for that.  Not for a single moment.

In works  of theology I have seen saints and prophets thanking God in fact , whenever they were put to a test. They knew it was another cut by a super hand to transform them into a gem.

This understanding and willingness is an act of love!

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