Why do we make promises to ourselves and do not fulfill them? (2)

Why we do not fulfill promises that we keep to ourselves? This seemingly  simple question has very deep link with our psyche. Fulfilling promises is a matter of integrity. Integrity is  doing things as we had said. When we say some thing, how much we shall do it completely or a part of it or… Continue reading

Short words but not small words !

I had been looking for some short phrases and sentences that can and actually do mean a lot. Such words that we have ignored or which are simple, yet have a profound impact, if we really choose to follow. Here are a few : Choose happiness Listen to your heart Apologize Answer your calling Laugh… Continue reading

The Escape Velocity

There are many opinions as to who created this universe and us, but there are no two opinions that it is the same hand that carved us and its the very hand that made the universe. Logically, theoretically and intelligence-wise the rules which define gravity, magentism, electro-magnetism, the law of heat, inertia, momentum, the law… Continue reading

When I began to breathe!

Some years back, I completely lost some thing that greatly helped me transform into some one, which later inspired me to start another blog: happiest man on earth. I lost my will to convince others of my opinion. I stopped going into discussions. I stopped asking questions that were intended to bring the other person… Continue reading

Loving Not Enough

In our lives, the frequent problem isn’t not loving. It is loving not enough! We love ourselves enough to appear in a party well dressed and perfumed, yet we do not love ourselves enough to work out. We love ourselves enough to see and find out if some one loves us, we do not love… Continue reading