The design of nature

Most of us are caught in the myth of discomfort and its reasons. Let me explain. Most of us are caught up in why some thing bad happened to us? Why did she leave me? Why I was born to such parents? Why I had a dysfunctional family? Why I had not the opportunity that others had? Why did this pimple just hit my face? Why does this always happen that gives me pain? Why did I have to go through such a divorce? Why have not I been offered such a good job offer?

Are you still carrying her?

Two monks were walking down a muddy road. It had rained whole day and the road at certain spots had become uncrossable.

At a  turn of a road they came across a young, delicate woman with a white silk robe. The elder monk approached her and requested her if he could lift her to the other end of the road. She agreed. And the elder monk very gracefully lifted her and dropped her to the other end at a dry edge.

Stop Hating Problems (2)

Then there are real problems. I call them tests rather than problems.

One fine day you find a message on your cell phone from your spouse that she does not love you any more and she leaves you to get married to another guy.

Or when you open your email box at your work place you find an email during a normal, regular week informing you that your services are no longer required.

You lose appetite and your medical tests declare that you have a pancreatic cancer.

Now these are problems. Serious, big, real life stake involving problems. Tests. 

When it rains

It makes me smile. It tells  me there is yet hope for  seedlings to grow and God has not given up on us.

The rains let me know that there is much more out there. All I have to do is to    raise my head and look up    and watch a million million  drops falling down all at the  same time.

Each drop with  its destiny to follow and a  purpose to fulfill.

In descending it fulfills its purpose. It rises to its very cause of existence. Humbling ourselves down to our cause lets us know we are to follow a destiny and rise to our cause of existence.