Love, Value and Time

Loving some one is considering him or her of value.
Any thing that we consider of value, we spend time with it.
Any thing that we spend time with, we start to know it more.
The more we know it more, the more we begin to accept it.
If  you say I love my children, only ask how much time I do spend with them.
Do not let it drop to less than full 5 hours of quality time with your kids and that is for working fathers and mothers.
Others can spend more…..but do not forget to ignore the balance, coz balance is another act of love !

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Then say nothing !

We two went to Pir Sohawa. It was a climb up hill.
It was sunny and yet crisp. The early hours sun of the day was rising and air was starting to warm up.
We left the restaurants and the rush spots behind and kept on moving on the other side of the hill where silence resided.

On a lonely clearing on grass and a few stones around, we sat there. Tired. Exhausted. We smiled at each other and had water and then citrus from my shoulder bag since I was the one carrying it.

It started to breeze. Wind was picking up.
A little cold whiff of wind mixed with warmer patches. All the city down below was before our eyes.
Her hair locks rose and fell occasionally with every little stronger gush of wind.
We could hear the birds without any city noise in the background.
I wanted to say something. But I did not know what to say.
I said: I do not know what to say. She put her hand on mine: “Then say nothing”!

I realized that to enjoy old friendships, you dont have to say things.

Why fear love?

We are afraid to lose. We are afraid of our hopes not being fulfilled. We are afraid of people who might let us down. We are afraid of taking a risk.

Some times we are afraid to lose our repute against the benefits reaped. In Eastern cultures this is so common. Some times despite all the liking, we do not move forward because of the fear of disapproval of those who are close to us.

Whatever the reason, we fear love because we simply do not know what it is or is capable to do? Any price for receiving  genuine love is nothing.

When was the last time?

Your held your mothers feet and kissed them?
You stopped yourself from winning a point against some one in discussion, just because to not hurt his/her ego
You took your child to a railway track and watched the train move by?
You soaked in the rain with your spouse?
You said from your very heart: I am sorry!
You really made an effort to accomplish some thing
You read a book, a good book to your family
You took an action to do something, that you long wanted to do
You really decided to love yourself again ?


Love is a strange happening. It takes us in surprise, some times in total disguise.

Love is accepting the fact that although there are things we do not agree upon, there are habits you have which annoy me, there are issues which we need to solve, yet I accept you with all yourself. I know you are a mix of goods and bads, softs and hards, but I choose to nurture the good and choose to ignore or to handle the bad.

Love is acceptance.

Are you in Paris?

How do we really know if we have reached Paris? Take your head out of your window or go to the end of the street, look here and there to see if you can see Eiffel Tower. The chances are you shall be in Paris.

How we do know if we are really loving? I am not saying if we are in love?

The question is way different than that. Let me repeat:

Are you really loving ? How do we know that ?

Each one of us has developed and made his or her Eiffel tower to know if  s/he is in Paris.

We think we are loving because:

We remember our beloved every minute or

We work hard for our children and family or

We are earning money for our families, for whom else?

Message them every hour at their cell phones?

We sent them flowers on their every single occasion or

We think we cannot live without them?

Each one of us has his different set of variables to let us know if we are loving.

And these variables may not be reflecting what love is !

Where lies the answer ?

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Worth falling for !

Genuine love stars to work,when your feeling of falling in love has gone. Genuine love is not spontaneous. It is not a feeling. Genuine love is effort. It is effort we decide to make, when we still don’t feel that same twinkling feeling about our mate. We do not get excited on that touch on our hands every time. We do not feel the dry throat, when she is around. It is to continue the same action of taking care and attending to the person,  when the feelings were used to be there. Love is not feeling. To love is to act. Genuine love thus starts, when feelings of love have subsided. If that act of love continues, it is definitely worth falling for!

Short words but not small words !

I had been looking for some short phrases and sentences that can and actually do mean a lot. Such words that we have ignored or which are simple, yet have a profound impact, if we really choose to follow. Here are a few :

  • Choose happiness
  • Listen to your heart
  • Apologize
  • Answer your calling
  • Laugh often
  • Dare to change
  • Live, love, laugh
  • Follow your dream
  • Live passionately
  • Say thank you
  • Be genuinely grateful
  • When forgive, forget also and finally
  • Today Matters

Whatever …….

In relationships there is one golden rule that men often miss while approaching a woman that’s :  being ultimate honest !

What ever you feel or think or say in your head, whatever…. say that !

Whatever …

It takes a lot of courage to do that, doesn’t it ?

And a lot of love as well !