Our Unique Ability

We have a capability so unique that it lets us stand apart from the rest of animal kingdom. We can imagine ourselves as separate from our thoughts.

Try doing this. Imagine, that you are watching yourself from the other corner of the room. Now further imagine that you are watching your imagined “” image”” from outside the window. You are watching yourself watching yourself.

Do you know your entire purpose of being ?

There are nearly 6.98 billion people living on Earth as of now. To this date, how many people have been born and died can be another staggering number, perhaps several times more than that.

The question is why you were born as an another soul? Why did the invisible hand sent you to this blue planet? You can call it God, Jesus, Allah, Raam, Om or whatever who sent you here but the fact is you were sent here and you would leave this place at some point in time. The question is thus why your soul was created and you were sent here? And if now you are here, why are you here?

Just take out a few minutes of your time to seriously think on it?

1. There was a gap that only you could fulfill.

2. That gap would require some thing e.g. a talent, a skill, a creative process, a service, a contribution that only you were able to do or to make.

3. If there were other people who could exactly do the same, then there were no need to send you for doing the same job. As we all know its stupid to designate the same job to more than a person, would not the intelligence and divine wisdom spread across the universe know this fact.

Thinking and pondering on the above three points may lead you to a feeling of Eureka about the most important pheonomenon in your life: you. 

Why is your purpose important? Every thing has a reason to be. It is in our built in nature to do things for a cause. This is shown from our every day experiences of handling things and spending routines to our life long aims. We hate wandering around for no reason. Leaving a room and being asked where are you going, if we do not know where and we answer the same, we shall be considered insane.

For most of us we do things for a cause in a hierarchy. We learn things to earn and enjoy a good life. We earn because we want to have more comfort for ourselves, our families and those whom we love. We want to have things and activities done in a hierarchy.

Understanding the hierarchy is important. We need oxygen to breathe. The second most important need is of water. Then comes food. Then comes the comfort or maintaining a suitable temperature for our bodies which includes the need for clothing and shelter. Then lies the need of being loved and being intimate i.e. of touching and being touched, of hugging and making love. Then is the need of contribution; to give back what we have received. At the final top is the need for spirituality.

This hierarchy has been addressed in different manners of arrangement by several authors.

Spending real time to find out the real purpose of our life is addressing the top most need first. Knowing it and then weaving your  path towards it step by step. This principle is quite highlighted by Stephen R. Covey in his work The Seven Habits and he has termed it Begin with End in Mind. To decide the final outcome first and then gradually work towards it and on our way keep addressing the needs as they need to be met.

What happens to us that we are addressed in the intermediary needs of comforting our bodies and egos so much that we never make it to the top. Most of us are caught up in a frenzy of gadgets, digital toys, cell phones, laptops, cars, devices, jewelleries and wearing apparel, dining and cuisines that we in fact lose sight of the final goal: our mental and spiritual development.

Efforting to know and finding out our entire purpose of being does not let us go lost. We do not end up confused some where in the middle before reaching our goals.

Knowing our entire purpose of life makes us stand in the elite of the elites. This elite group is nobler than any other elite group formed cause of possessions or financial status, since this can never be taken away from us.

Shall you choose to be in the super elite?

When you are immersed…

He was known as the Maestro and is still known as the same. I have met people from seven nations and in each, people knew him, adored him, loved him and even worshipped him. He spent his whole life into what he loved. He did it so marvelously that he became his work. He became his music. Today, internationally people know Qawali through one name: Ustaad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan.

The most important things

The most important things in the world are so simple that we refuse to understand them. We have been programmed in a manner that we think for some thing to be important, it has to be complex.

The fact is that whether complex or simple, difficult or easy,  life only takes contemplation to open up.


Love is listening

Love is listening with your full heart. If you want to gain some ones trust, listen to him or her. Listen with your full heart. Thats how you would listen.

Remove all intent to reply while you are listening. Just listen with the intent of understanding, genuine, considerate, true understanding. Put yourself in the person’s shoes and imagine how it would be like to be at his or her place and how would that person shall be feeling right now while he or she is saying all this. Feel the emotions hidden underneath the words.

If for once you truly listen, you would feel connected. You would gain trust previously never felt. You would find a strong bond, that never existed. That’s true listening. That’s love!

The shifting of inner core

The recent earth quake  in Japan 14:46 Tokyo Time on March 11, 2011 shifted Earth’s axis by 10 inches.  It took a huge jolt of 8.9 magnitude to do that.

In the late hours of the night,  all I do listen is the click click of my key board. The past few years seem to be like a dream. I wonder if they ever existed in reality. I wonder if they ever were a part of real time.

I look back into the past in the silence of these hours and I feel I am no more what I used to be. I have gone through the pains, the woes, the joys, the pleasures, the winnings and the losses and they all have made me what I am.

I am changed and yet I find the most inner deep core has remain unchanged, unaltered by any of the event, harsh or smooth. That inner core is what I really am.

For some a jolt or an event of much less magnitude shifts their core. This shift is often not controlled but involuntary and thus often not very benevolent.

For some, rather a few, it takes only a huge event to shift their inner core.

For some more, who are much rare, nothing is able to shift their inner core. They are determined and have an attitude of no matter what.

Their act of not allowing their inner core to shift is a deliberate act, requiring wisdom, poise, self discipline and a commitment to stay what they are. This is an act of love!




Experience and memory

Our conquest for happiness is torn apart between our two selves. A part of us remembers things from the past and a part of us is involved in experiencing the current moment.

Whether we are happy in our life or we are happy about our life as what happened are two different questions.  The former is related to the current experience and the later to our memory.

We keep on toggling between experience and memory.

We keep on comparing the two. We go to a dinner.  We are having an excellent food, yet a part of us some where in our mind tells us: hey, last dinner was superb. We don’t have that fudge in desert tonight. And we feel unhappy, very slightly, in a very subtle manner, but we feel that way.

A Common Trait

I have learnt that people chosen to be saints had one common trait among them: all of them had an intrinsic ability to love after losing love, to love after having seen everything around them shattered,to love after being cheated, to love after they thought they could not love any more and to love after they had been angry and disappointed and had become bitter, they were people of love!

To love like this requires ultimate faith. If you want to know whether you are a person of faith, try to find out your ability to love under any or all circumstances, for to love like this is purely divine.

And you can touch divine only by acting like one!