When we think we don’t need to learn further, we have become complacent. To handle complacency is to handle internal inertia.

There is only one way out from complacency i.e. to become more loving ! Love is the act of taking action when you do not want to or is defined as a will to grow. Complacency is the end of growth, considering that we have grown enough or learnt enough or had enough of knowledge or experience.

Love is a will to grow and a will to grow asks for a will to take action. Nothing happens unless we take action. To end complacency we have to act, first in our thoughts and later in the physical world outside our minds.

And the greatest of laziness is not physical, it is mental. When we refuse to think any thing against what we have always been thinking.

That is also called in texts of spirituality what we commonly know as death i.e. when we refuse to transform!

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