Do not just watch !

Are you stuck at any point in your life?
Is your business going down?
Do you see your relationship with your spouse fading away, daily, a little more , inch by inch?
Did you plan and think to start working out or take a walk every morning?
Do you feel a coldness between you and your teenage son ?
Did you just watch a colleague of yours getting promoted over you?
There are thousands of such situations….

Do not just watch. Take action. Begin with a very small action.
Learn a new language or enroll in a management course.

Talk with some one you trust about your situation in life.
Go to a good business colleague for an advice.
Decide to talk about your growing gap with your spouse and listen to him or her.
Just work out for ten minutes or even seven.
Decide to trust your teenage son and start investing in the relationship.

Just take a small action. Lay the first brick and build brick by brick.
Do not just watch.
Just watching does not take any genuine love. Getting disciplined to lay down the bricks daily, does.
Do not just

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