Do we really love our children?

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Do we really love our children? We think we do. Have you seen any such example around you :

a. We find parents literally piling up toys for their children, evey toys that are not prescribed for their age and and this act in quite  some ways is harmful for their mental thinking patterns and behaviours.

b. We all  have seen mothers almost pushing food in the mouths of their already over-weighing children.

c. I once met a family whose 27 year old son was  embarrassed in front of his friends, when his mother would make sure to pick and drop him from his university.

d. We find parents giving mobile phones to their under 5 year old kids?

e. I know of a single mother who would make sure to always bring some stuff for her children on her way back home. Once her 8 year old daughter said to her: ” Mom! you don’t have to bring chocolates every day. Just take one more day off from your work.” She herself confessed to me that she was feeling guilty for not being there all the time for her kids. Her act of giving and bringing home things and chocolates was supported by guilt, rather than by love.

Is this love?

Most of the times such acts which are highly confused with love are acts which are reactions to happenings and events that occurred to their parents and left some bad scars on their minds,  souls and thinking patterns.

If a father had not a very pleasant childhood where he was often deprived of things, he would try to reflect that back by being overly giving. The mother who was religiously driving her son for a pick and drop, it was discovered lately that her action was motivated by a sense of insecurity. She was always worrying of being left alone by her children when they would grow up. Allowing an under 5 year old kid to use a mobile phone is often more pushed by social pressure and peer competition rather than genuine love.

Love is never always giving. Neither it is denying.

Love is controlled giving!    An act of giving that is highly controlled and disciplined for the long term affects it would leave on the character, behaviour, personalities and attitudes of the receiver.

Love is discplined giving ! So now ask yourself again: Do I really love my children?

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