Does love really exist today?

I have met people numbering to literally tens of  hundreds saying, quoting, referring, uttering, mumbling and in all manners of vocal expression commenting: we don’t believe if real love exists ? I have observed them, asked more questions from such people. Or they avoid love because they know it would end in some thing unwanted, painful or sorrowful.

All of them have one thing in common: for love to be true and some one truly loving them would have to do some thing outrageous , out of the world, extra ordinarily sacrificing for them. They expect things or deeds to be done to them, selflessly by someone they might have not known yet or whose face might appear attractive to them.

I have found that most of us have conditioned our minds and ourselves in a satisfaction frenzy. We have to satisfy a need or a want immediately, without giving it a second thought. The myth gets more real when it comes to intangibles like love. We want to be satisfied and want each item of our check list to be ticked when its a matter of love.  If even one item is missing, we tag, it ain’t real love?

The fact is we do not understand love at all!

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