Love Redefined

Entering the Truth


I ask young graduates:”Why you want to work with me? The most common answer I get is: “Sir, I want to learn”. Then I tell them, “Learning itself is nothing, unless you put it to use.  Knowledge is not power, it is potential power; it becomes power only when you put it to use and do some thing with it that makes your life and lives of people better”.

Similarly, spirituality for the sake of spirituality is a mirage,  a myth. Just another way of escape from daily stress. As we use overeating, shopping or sex as an escape outlet. Today as I speak of it, spirituality has become a word of intellect people use to prove them people of  a higher psyche.

The truth is spirituality has only one logical outcome: to become one with divine.

To become one with divine is possible only if you seek “the truth”.

You will find “the truth” only if you are willing to search or discuss with security.

You will be willing to search or discuss with security only if you are not afraid of finding out that your view was wrong.

You will not be afraid if you believe that the divine-self (name it God, Eeshwar, Jeesus, Allah) loves you more than you love yourself.

You will not be afraid to accept what that love from devine-self demands of you i.e. to accept a higher level of belief or way of fulfilling your obligations.

You will leave the truth of yours to enter the truth of divine!

You will enter the truth. In language of “irfaan” you will enter the” Haqque” (u and e silent).

You will arrive at “the truth”!

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