If you ever made a mistake, a huge mistake and you do not know how to make it right, do the following:

1. Go to that person and with every nerve you have and with every corner of your heart seek forgiveness.

2. Tell that person that you did wrong. And that you are sorry. “I apologize”, you must say.

3. Do not let your ego step in. The other person may be hurt, damaged, woeful and may not believe you in the first place. He may also find it hard to trust you again.

4. If you have to say it many times, say it.

5. Mean what you say.

6. Insist not to have anything further.

7. If he can see through his heart, he would accept it.  And you would know it.

8. Do not justify or give reasons or blame.  It would mean you are not sorry for what you did, but want to support it with a reason.

9. Seek nothing further.

It is difficult, but one of the greatest acts of love towards two persons: the one whom you owed an apology and yourself.

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