Gifts of experiences

Its high shopping time and we all are caught in the frenzy of buying gifts. Yes its wonderful to buy some one some a gift. Wonderful to receive it and more wonderful to give.
There is only one thing wrong with the gifts: they are things.

Yet when we die, all we remember is experiences, not things.

This christmas or Eid or Diwali try to give some one an experience.

Take your spouse for a special drive or place she has been longing for.
Take your children near a railway track and see their faces gleam when the locomotive passes nearby.
Go out with a friend to take photographs of yellowing autumn trees.
Give your mother a foot massage for an hour. Go to a hill with a friend and celebrate his birthday up there.

Create ideas for yourself. There are millions of them.
Give gifts of experiences, thats what we truly remember only.

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