Giving and real freedom…

One of the biggest evidences that we love ourselves is act of giving. The act of giving is an expression of the following subtle but undeniable facts:

1.We can only give some thing that is owned by us.  If we cannot give some thing, it means we never owned it.

2. We can give some thing only if we are larger than that. If we cannot give some thing, it means that thing is holding us, it can control us, it can own us and we are smaller to it.

3. We can give only if we trust our future, if we trust time that it shall offer us more than what we have now or what we have already given now.

4. We can give only if we are not afraid. Fearful hearts cannot give or continue to give.

5. The act of giving contributes to the cycle of nature. A farmer has to give first: his efforts, his sweat, the seeds he throws in the fields, the whole process of farming is giving first before expecting to receive, which is a true manifestation of how nature works. By giving we are telling the universe that we are with it and in it and along with its flow.

6. When we give, we show our trust to God.

7. True giving is when we do not wait for the returns or when we do not expect returns or we give to some one from whom we do not think returns shall come.

8. If after giving, we remind the receiver of the act, means we are still stuck with the object, the thing and it still holds us. The act of giving has not been accomplished although we do not possess the thing any more.

9. Forgiving is an act of giving. It is an act of giving some one a reason to have done what he or she did. If we cannot forgive, this means the event is holding us.

Where to begin?

a. Start giving small. Begin with some thing that you have not used for some time and you are holding it for a fear. Overcome your  fear that what if you need it in future?

b. Slowly and gradually start giving things, which you need more frequently  if a friend asks for them. It would be hard, but I am sure you would manage with effort.

c. With time shall come a stage when you would be able to give anything. It may take some real effort and time, but it would come.

During all this process keep on telling yourself, that you are larger than every thing you possess and your things do not possess you. That shall be real freedom.


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