How to follow one’s heart?

I have always followed my heart.  Most of us have read about that or want to but cannot exactly find out how to?

Brain or mind is logical, calculative, comparing, computing, analytic and judgmental.
Mind gives results by comparisons: of current situations with the past, of your ventures and new initiatives with those made by others, mind tends to keep us “safe”and “away from pain” and in its efforts, it also protects us from the wonders, from the miracles of unseen and the journey of love.

Heart is intuitive and is our connection to the universe or the hand that has written it all.

Following heart does not mean following your wishful thinking. Heart does not make wishes. It guides and communicates.

Heart speaks to us and we can only hear it when we stop speaking to ourselves.

So for just one day for a single hour try not to talk to yourself. Just observe and stay silent.  See people, see the trees and bushes, see roads and watch the skies, but do not speak. Even to yourself.

You would start to receive what was eternally yours, but you were not ready for that yet !

The legacy of the wisdom of the ancients.

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