How to stay self-motivated?

I have a dream that I dream all day. And I work to chase my dream.
I visualize.
I repeat that to myself.
I tell myself who I am ( working on my ID)

Human brain tends to forget in 48 hours unless it is made a conditioned response.That is perhaps the reason 90% of the goals set on January 1st each year are obsolete by January 20th the same year. We have to keep on repeating to ourselves.

Another technique I use is to attach massive pain to a state of not being motivated and immense pleasure to the fruits I get what if I stay motivated.

An important point is for what? Motivation for the sake of motivation means desperation and frustration.

I don’t forget to reward myself on some thing that I believe I have done good. People are not always good at appreciations. Rewarding oneself is often great. That reminds me that I shall have my fruit, no matter what other people say.

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