I am me

The internet is shutdown. So is the facebook, twitter, stumbleupon, linkedin and every social media. I have switched off the cell phone. I did not want to see its screen blinking so silent mode did not suffice and I have shut it off . I have closed the door of my room to not let any one in and I have opened the window to let some breeze in.  And I have already taken with me a bottle of fresh water and a cup of tea. I have made sure the water was not from the refrigerator. So I sit down by the side of the wall on my carpet and just drink some water and sip some tea. I do not try to think any thing. I do not try to stop any thoughts if they come to me. I let myself be free.

I watch my tea cup as tiny whiffs of steam leave it. I feel water at every single sip. At a thought of a woman I met today, I did not think she was more open that she ought to be. I did not judge any official for his press statement. At this hour, I do not judge any one. I am into a perfect silence. I enjoy this. I am in my poise. I am in my bliss. I am me !

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