I meet a lot of dead people every day

Every single day I go out to work and meet people. A majority of them are quite contended in what they have been doing, not in terms of results, but in terms of emotional gratification they are getting out from the fixed routines.

I see people who are OK with in their comfort zones,  not happy or too happy at all, but they are OK because they feel secure that they cannot further lose or risk themselves, thus they feel safe and thus they feel OK.

In their security and in their fixed routines of day and fixed routines of mental thought processes, they have found a way to feel OK. They are so stuck in their self-created mental inertia, they refuse to think any thing else than what they have been previously thinking. They refuse to think against their habitual thoughts.

They perhaps even  listen, but they have made up their minds for what they already believe in. Some times they agree to a new idea superficially. Some times they do not even agree and resist.

Or if some times they genuinely feel unhappy about the OK situation, and want to change, but still lack the love to do it.

Many of the people are suffering from a phenomenon known as spirtual death, when they refuse to transform to a higher level of mental growth.

I meet dead people every day, because dead people do not grow, more mentally than they do physically!

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