If your world starts to collapse…..

And you have tried all of your best that you could to save it. You have made all your efforts, seeked all the help that you thought there was and  there is nothing much you can do about it. Then do one thing….Let it collapse.Just watch. It would start to collapse faster. Keep watching. Another day or two or week or more. It would keep on collapsing, till the cycle hits the lowest. It would keep collapsing till the point where you know it can go no more down. Keep watching.

The next day it would start to build up. Gradually, but it would.

The spring never sets in till every plant that had to lose its leaves has it. The rain does not rain till every grain that had to lose its moisture has it lost. It is a process of nature.

If you have done all your best, given your best shot and still things not happening your way, let them happen their way. Its the same hand that has designed the universe, which designed your destiny.The same principles apply. The same song is played. Perhaps that’s why it is called uni-verse, one verse.

Trust yourself. Trust the hand of God. Your world would get built again. It is one of the veiled laws of nature.

I know it because I have seen it rebuilding my world.

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