Immersing yourself in the bliss

It has been some time that I had written my last at love redefined. It was not perhaps that I was not in a particular state of writing, which all writers sought. Neither it was because I did not want to write. But that I had been exposed to some thing which made me forget everything else.

I count myself among those few blessed beings who know their purpose of being i.e. why they are sent to this life. For the past some months, I have been giving my total time to the purpose I have with me. The purpose, which I live for.

The bliss and joy of life is hidden in three things.

1. To know your soul purpose of being here and of living a life.

2. Doing some thing you love to earn a livelihood.

3. Genuine service to others.

Contrary to the above most of us try to find joy and bliss every where else. Shopping, overeating, over sleeping or waiting for sleep, trying to go for career jumps, in relationships, at dancing, at bars, in driving muscle cars, in wearing brands, in vacations. Its a long list.

The fact is different. The bliss is reached only when we do some thing different to ourselves inside of us. All the activities that we think can make us happy are in fact, in the long run our reasons for disappointment, which  after accumulating one over the other let us lose hope and faith in our future.

Do totally and absolutely with faith what you are here for.

Engage in some thing that you love to do and use it to earn.

Do any act of genuine service to people around. Help a sick. Visit a hospital. Teach an illiterate to read. Give a single dollar in charity every day. Provide a counselling to some one who needs it. Help some one at a grocery store. Do an act of kindness towards a stranger.

You shall find yourself immersed in a bliss. Begin doing that but first find your soul purpose of being here.

Wish you all the luck !

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