We cannot stay indifferent to happenings around us, especially those, which in some manner affect us by delivering us pain, unpleasant feelings or some thing of concern.

When we stay indifferent of any such situation, we simply mean: we have deadened ourselves to the stimulus; if not fully deadened, we are trying to act as if we are ! We want to say, we don’t care about this or that. We don’t feel that much of pain to do something about it.

Why do we allow ourselves to fall victim to indifference? There may be a multiplicity of factors, but the root cause is lack of love.

We do not love ourselves enough to seek a change for a betterment.
In fact some of the best clinical psychologists have referred indifference as equal to diminishing or complete absence of love.

Love yourself enough to be not indifferent. React because you are still alive !

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