Inspiration comes from being in spirit !

Look at the word: Inspiration, it originates from the word ” in spirit”.

We do things, many strange weird things just because we feel inspired from some thing else. We watch a movie and act like that hero, at least in body language. We wear a make up because we have found it wonderful on some one else’s face. We buy a watch or an expensive car because it looks great with whom we have just seen in an advertisement.

In fact, the whole theme of advertising goes on this phenomenon: to make people feel motivated to buy some thing by becoming inspired.

Yet truly it lacks one thing : our spirit.

So as soon as we have our new fancy item,  we find it boring just with in  a week of its possession. We fight for a big position at our work and when we sit at the chair, we wonder: was it really worth the fight ?

So all of our lives, we do strange, weird things being inspired by a lot of other strange, weird things or people, but lack one thing : our spirit.

Do one thing. Just sit down. Put off your cell phone or keep it away some where you cannot reach for an hour. Sit. Just sit calm. And think what is it that your spirit really wants you to do.  The signs for this are, as soon as you find that, you would have a feeling of Eureka, a sense of joy ( no matter how much you are grieved in life, and joy is not being happy) and a feeling of sudden inward silence.

Then take an action towards that genuine inspiration. No matter how small, but do take that action. Do not procrastinate. Have you already not procrastinated enough? Take that action.

You shall have begun your journey to fulfilling the purpose of  your being here.

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