It wasn’t that hard

How often have we heard this sentence upon some one’s extra ordinary performance or achievement. A guy or a cynical women would just utter: it wasn’t  that hard.

Why we do not acknowledge that it was really tough work and this man really did a great job accomplishing it?

Here is the mental mechanics behind the behaviour:

a. By accepting that it was  tough, we would have to appreciate him / her.  Appreciation requires total absence of personal insecurity.  And most of us lack that personal security.

b. If we accept that the task was tough, we would have to acknowledge that he / she could do it and we could not. ( Isn’t it a too square a fact to face. ) And this means, we lacked the courage and the competence, which we do not want to accept.

So we label that was so easy, but we were not bothered to do it.

The fact however is:  if that were real easy, we would have never left it undone !

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