Knowing God and Silence

We cannot know God. Knowing takes the use of our primary senses.  We cannot see him around. We cannot talk to him like we talk with each other. Our five senses do have a primary limitation of establishing a contact with him, since, we cannot taste, smell, see, touch or hear him. We cannot understand him by trying to know him.

Yesss… we can feel him. We can experience him. We can find him around. This experience of experiencing God can some times occur in very defining moments of our lives. Some times, when we are left on a road after an accident with our child bleeding in our lap waiting for an ambulance. Some times, when we have recovered from a devastating cancer. Some times, when we have traveled literally out of the earth and have seen a brilliance spread all around in the space. Some times, when we truly wish for some thing and it comes true. Some times when we are denied of it. Some times, when we are broke and torn apart. Some times when we have nothing to lose and we really find time to know our own selves.

Possessions, belongings, toys, gadgets, houses, cars, expensive art works,  life luxury electronic and electrical devices put a veil on us. We tend to explain and express ourselves in terms of what we have or what we use or what we keep at our homes.  No doubt , we never meet our true selves.When we, by a chance of fate, get broke or are chosen for one such test; when all our veils have been removed and we find a true chance to meet our own selves, it is in those moments, our sense of having nothing more to lose and our feeling of totally exposed to fate without any veil mixed with silence, we experience God.

There are other ways as well. We can experience God through service to people, to humanity. It takes time and some considerable effort and of ourse a huge commitment. The results shall be some what similar.

Silence, however is every where. All we have to do is to choose to be it. To become it. In silence, we shall find two: our true selves and the God.


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