Knowing is not enough

When we get to know some thing we had previously not known or were not aware of, a thirst with in us is quenched. We feel satisfied. We feel at a level just higher than the previous one. We feel more wise. We feel more learned. We feel more knowledgeable. We feel ourselves more valuable and some times when we in fact should not, begin to feel a certain sense of pride.

Knowing only, feeds our ego. It can be the beginning of change, but not the process of change itself. It can be a pre-requisite of improvement, which it is but not the actual process.

Knowledge elevates ourselves and lets us know that we are elevated as compared to others. All the adjectives we feel as a result of increase in our knowledge, some how feed our egos.  So whenever you read some thing good: an article, a quotation, a submission in a magazine or a blog, please do not be just satisfied with yourself at knowing it. The act of knowing itself would become the biggest barrier. This is perhaps one of the several meanings of the words from Hazrat Ali a.s. when he said: “Ilm hijab e akbar hey.” (Knowledge is the biggest veil)

Thus whenever you decide to know some thing decide with a commitment along: “you shall actually start doing or practising whatever you have learnt”.

Knowledge itself is not enough. It was never enough in itself, since always. It always needs an action. Act on your learning. Begin to act no matter how small the action may be. This is the only way to begin a change.


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