Learning to Receive Love

Here is it how it goes. We all claim love or have claimed to love some one in the past. And our first expectation is to know whether the other person loves us back or not, and when we do not receive love back the way we want to, we feel disappointed, unhappy,depressed and sad. Things have a converse view at the same time. When some one else approaches us with love, we only respond in the same loving manner if, he or she is the person we want love from. 

The irony is we expect others to respond to our love in the same manner as we love them, however we ourselves  do not respond to some one else with the same love.

The key to deep, profound joy and receiving our “desired” love is to receive love that universe throws at us.

The act of receiving love, somehow, its ways not known lets you receive yours. Thus learning to receive love is first essential to get your desired one.

It is in receiving you are giving. You are giving some one his or her joy of being with you. You are giving that person his or her “beloved. Your act of receiving is thus in fact act of giving, which initiates the cycle of what you sow, so shall you reap. Learn to receive love.

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