Let Yourself Feel Valuable.

Let yourself feel loved. Value yourself. Start doing things, even on a very tiny scale that let you know that you value yourself. Here is a small list of doables:

Value your body: Take 10 minutes for an aerobic exercise. Just begin for 10 minutes. Then increase one minute a day to 45 minutes. You shall love it. Do not abuse your body.

Value your health: Eat healthy. Eat green. Do not over eat. Exercise daily for 30 minutes.

Value your time: spend some time in doing something that grows your soul. Read a good work. Practice in your mind to not react to something to which you have always reacted in anger. Rehearse by rewinding that particular memory or scene and practice to act calm. Practice it 10 times in your mind.

Value your relationships: Tell them you love them. Or apologize if you have hurt them. Contact them if you have not done that over the years.

Value your kids: Spend minimum 5 hours of quality time per week with them.

Value your soul: Meditate or remain silent for half an hour a day. Just silent. Pray.

Value the universe: Spend time to enjoy its marvels. Have you ever seen a sunrise with mindfulness? Or spend uninterrupted 10 minutes gazing at the sky? When was the last time you did this?

 Decide that you shall not let yourself go waste.