Life is difficult

One of the most ignored facts is that life is difficult. Knowing is different than ignoring.

We know many things, but we chose to ignore them. We know that me have to spend more time with our children and we have to take at least half an hour a day for our health, but we ignore these facts. The results are a weak or non-trusting relationship with our sons and health problems which just arrive some how from now where when we are in late thirties.

We know life is difficult, but we act as if it should not be. We do not truly accept the fact. True acceptance creates transition.
When once, we truly accept a fact, we transcend it.

When we accept that life is difficult, we find its no more difficult.

In our lives and in our routine matters most of us grumble, mumble, complain, get annoyed, keep frowns on their foreheads, and treat problems with a regretful heart as the probelms should not be there. Or as if we are the only ones upon whom a particular problem has been bestowed from heavens.

The day we accept life is difficult, we find it to be easy. Thats the paradox we find in almost every phenomenon of the universe.

And the emotion that supports us to wade through this ocean of a difficult life is love.

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