Our Unique Ability

We have a capability so unique that it lets us stand apart from the rest of animal kingdom. We can imagine ourselves as separate from our thoughts.

Try doing this. Imagine, that you are watching yourself from the other corner of the room. Now further imagine that you are watching your imagined “” image”” from outside the window. You are watching yourself watching yourself.

This is unique to us human beings only. We have a thought process that can imagine layers upon layers of thoughts. Most of the times this is unconscious. Yet uncommon, but controlled imagination is a million times stronger capability.

Controlled imagination is a result of contemplation and deep thoughtfulness consideration upon a matter.

Love when blended with contemplation and applied to a situation using controlled imagination creates engineering marvels,  multibillion business empires, works of service and contribution on a super human level and an inner peace nothing can match.

Try contemplating with love and try being loving with contemplation. And begin to see miracles happening to you!