Reading and Love

If you cannot read or if you do not read, its the same!

Leaders are readers. In a world today that is full of information and publications growing at an exponential rate it is hard to decide what to read.

Its so much of it and so less time, if any available. What to read and how is a worthy question.

One simple answer is to read that is of your interest but which stretches your thoughts and thinking patterns. Be ready to accept this difficulty.

Reading is fine and wonderful if we are into a cinderella world, but it often requires some discipline as long as we are living in reality.  Many a times, I have to discipline myself to the habit of reading, even if I feel a little unfocused or disinterested.

I keep on reading because I understand the brain resists any thing that is difficult or that pushes us out of our comfort zone, but in that small journey from comfort zone to an uncomforting zone, lies the growth.

I read because I love myself enough to watch my soul and mind grow.

Do read but more importantly do read good.  Its a great sign that you love yourself.

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