We at times in our lives wish to star everything new. We wish things were entirely different. Some times we wish totally newer happenings with same people. Some times we wish same happenings with newer people. The truth is different. We can always start new. We can always take a fresh start. It involves the following steps:

1. Changing our Identity: Our identity is who we are? Are you a warrior who has to wade his way through a jungle of people? Are you a learner in life who learns from everything? Are you an adventurer? Are you a caring woman? Are you a deep thinker? Who are you?Answer this question as deeply as possible and you shall know new meanings of life.

2. Changing  Beliefs: we have to believe that a fresh, newer start is possible. We have to believe in its fruits.

3. Changing Values:  Values are simply things, concepts or views we consider of value.  Almost every war and conflict among societies, civilizations and people has been a conflict of values. Whatever we have been valuing has been a source of conflict.We have to start re-thinking in terms of our values. We have to shift our value systems, if they are n ot principle centered.

4. Align with Principles: We have to align our beliefs and values with principles. Principles do not change. They are universal. They do not bend with time. Principles are concepts like truth, honesty, respect, hard work, loyalty etc. Whereas our beliefs and values can be in total contradiction with principles, e.g. we can believe that this world is a dog eat dog kind of a place to live. Or a mother with a broken marriage can install a belief in her daughter that all men are manipulative. What a wrong start would that be for the daughter in her relationships with a man? Or we can value things that may not be long lasting. We can value looks over character. We can value money over time spent with children.  Having to reborn again is almost always a question of refreshing our values.

5. Feelings: is what we feel. The rule is very simple. What we feel, we throw out in the universe. What we throw out comes back manifold towards us. Start to feel different.

6. Change Focus: Again feeling different is a question of changing focus.  Change focus through questions.

The last two things attitude and behaviour shall change as a result.

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