Redefine Your Identity

In many many years to come to your life and in many many years that have gone by, the most important work that you would do to yourself is to redefine your identity? Try answering the question with deepest of your heart : who you are?

If you were given a minute to tell the whole world on direct transmission about yourself, what would you say? Identity is not what you do? It is not your profession e.g. a doctor or a teacher.  Identity is not what you like to do or are pleased to do like charity work or social service but it is what defines you.  Whatever you do your profession or your hobby or a job you like or a task you love to do, but  how you do it is defined by your identity.

We have different identities for different roles in our lives. For example, we are businessmen, parents, spouses, siblings all at the same time. An identity that may work wonderfully for a role  of a businessman or a consultant e.g. ” a thorough businessman” or  “a perfect negotiator” may not work  very well for your role as a husband or as a parent. Define your identity for each role you play.

And then there is or can be  a major identity, that blankets all others.

Redefine who you are? Are you the one who would be another waste of universe’s  efforts? Are you the one who has decided to remain unmoved? Are you the one who has decided to let him or herself rust? Or you the one who has a capacity to love? Or you the one who has a will and courage to take action. Or you are the one who takes action. Decide and redefine your self. Redefine your identity. Note it. Write it down on your journal.

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