Resilience and Love

Resilience is the ability of a body to return to its original state after being bent, compressed or stretched.

Emotionally it would mean getting ourselves up back together after having lost people we love, or after going through a financial set back, a divorce or  pain of some one’s death.

Why these all happen to us is another discussion, but what love does to us  is perhaps the biggest wonder and gift of God to us. After being stretched or pulled to our limits, we find its hard to be what we were.

After staying with a complaining spouse for 5 years, we tend to complain about every thing. After experiencing a death of a friend in an accident, we stop going out with people we love while sitting next to them on driving seats. We stop trusting others, after we have been betrayed. We do not want to date any one any more. We do not want to love some one again fearing what if this person dies too. We do not want to be what we were.

Genuine love asks us much more than to just take care. It pushes us to become what we were, when every thing was OK. When no one had betrayed us or when no death had we gone through or had seen no divorce or had no loss in a business.

Genuine love pushes us to be truly resilient, to truly become what we were, once again ! Isn’t it great what love does for us ?

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