Two days back a  friend sent me a text asking what was satisfaction? She was writing an aritcle an was stuck with the thought. I replied satisfaction is when you stop seeking for more. She became happy with the immediate relief and a thought to write upon.

Later that evening, I began to think if I was truly right. Yes in life many occasions do come when  we stop seeking more but not always as a result of satisfaction.

I was trying to recall and remember events when I had felt satisfied and things started to open up. It was a long day in winter of 2009.  I had a training session that day. Had a commitment with an old friend  for a discussion that was kept pending till that day. Had to write my new post for the blog the same day. I was also asked to join a meditation-talk session later that night.

It’s not that I want to keep myself in hard scheduled routines, but some how things had fallen in such a manner that none could not have been avoided or postponed. The friend was here from Lahore and he had to go back the very next morning. The training session was scheduled for more than six weeks ago. The blog had to be written without a mis-commitment to myself. The meditation event I was asked to attend was also waiting for some guests which I had longed for to meet. You know there are certain days when things seem to have fallen in a compact manner. Thus I had to get up at around 5 am.  Write my post. Then had to take some time for the mental rehearsal for the training session, imagining and visualizing things for the session that had to start at 9am. The session went excellent but it was 6 pm, when I fiinally got out and my friend from Lahore was already waiting for a talk. He dropped me to a friends house after 3 hours for a participation in a meditative activity.  I got back at half twelve in the night.

Previously I had not been very good at that i.e. of keeping commitments, especially those with myself alone, which I could have skipped most easily because of the absence of any external force.

It was a day that was full of some pressure, some commitments to keep with others, some promises to fulfill with myself but no one else.  It was a day that I had to give my 100 percent.

At the end of it before retiring to bed, I was in thoughts. I was smiling.  I was feeling what I now today am defining as satisfaction. And that has brought me the secret. Satisfaction is not in receiving, and receiving so much that we do not feel for more. Satisfaction is in giving 100%, that we can give no more than that. Even if we have spared one percent, we do not feel satisfied.

Satisfaction happens to us, when we have done all we could have done, when we have given all we could have given.  All !

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