Soak the Silence

Feeling water with fingers is not enough. Drinking is not enough. To feel water you have to be soaked.

Silence for a few events in your life is not enough. Silence of lips is not enough. Silence of the mind is what is required. Soak yourself in silence.

There are three ways to do it.

1. Choose a physical activity. Any physical activity e.g. walking, running, hiking, cycling, weight training ( not lifting),  rope skipping. And for a few days of your life choose to do that like crazy. (Keep in view of any medical conditions if you are facing). Do that by being totally involved into that. Keep on doing that till you become it.

2. Go to a place some where in mountains. And spend 10 full days there. Do not take mobile phone, laptops, books, gadgets along. Just spend 10 days. This place has to be secluded and not a tourist spot.

3. Stop commenting for ten days. Decide not to comment on anything happening around…..anything! Good or bad, saint or sinner, joyous or sad, lie or truth, musts or “shoulds”, comment on nothing.

Whatever path your choose, in the first few days your mind shall resist and speak a lot. It shall talk and talk meaningless. It shall even rebel against you. It would become irritable, harsh, sad, depressed and black mail you or create fake needs to talk or to comment, but keep on resisting that till your mind would accept that you are not becoming a part of this internal dialogue. When it would accept, it would start to become quite.

This shall be the time when you shall begin to soak in the true silence. And what you shall find shall put you in a thankful awe!




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