Some things worth knowing and doing

I learned that some things are worth knowing. They are worth every effort to go beyond our comfort zones and to know them and to do some of them.

It is worth doing to stop a car by a small, seemingly empty mosque by the side of a highway. The silence is worth it and reciting a few lines from Quran while sitting there is beyond any feeling you can feel.

It is worth knowing to forget your busy routines and meet your old friends and laugh silly all night. I did it and I now know it was worth it.

It is worth attempting to be silent for half an hour every day. Just sitting silent. Doing perfectly nothing !

It is worth knowing that to love is to grow spiritually, yourself and those whom you say you love.

Follow your heart at what you do to earn. At least for once in your life span of 60 to 70 years do that.  It is worth it.

Speak to your God or whoever you believe in. Speak to Him when you have no one to speak to and speak to Him when you have every one to speak to.

Tell your love some day that today you are there for her and she can do whatever she can with your time.

Spend some time to realize and tell yourself how small we all are to judge some one.

Walk bare foot all day.

Try to not use any chemical for a day. Soaps,  cosmetics, shampoos, conditioners, toothpastes, processed foods.  ( Try using a “maswak” replacing toothpaste).

For a single day  try to not speak unless necessary and very important.

For a week, try not to ask any one any favours for you, whether it be asking some one to hand over a cup from the kitchen or to drop you some where along where he is going.

Enroll in learning Arabic. It is worth it.

Pick your kids early from their school and go to a picnic.

Take your friend for a hiking.

Some times pick a pen and write what you feel.

Kiss your wife without an intent of going further. Just kiss.

Travel to a place you have never been, travel with the same intent of going there because you have never been there.

If you think you know yourself, think again and try speaking to a friend when very hungry.

Walk to a friend’s home even if takes half an hour, just do it some day.

Try to not stay indoors an hour before sun set.

And some times …..

Look at the sky !


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