Start be…ing !

One definitiion of time is what we do now! What, at the very moment we do becomes our time. Prisoners often ask how you doing time ?

A second ago has become absent. A second not come yet is not seen.
What we have is the current moment.
Perhaps the biggest joy discovered to us is being able to live in the current moment. These are the times when we experience true relaxation and joy.

A sportsman chasing footbal, a joy ride to the roller coster, lifting the most heavy weight we can at its last rep during work out, watching a real nice movie : all such activities have one thing in common.

They cut us from the past and do not let us worry for the future.
We are present in the present. We are be… !
Those are the moments when we enjoy truly.

That might be the reason we are given the name : human beings.

Start living in the moment ! Start be….ing !

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