Start Loving Yourself Here

Loving yourself is way different from loving your esteem or loving your ego. Loving yourself is much much higher.

Love is will to take action. Love is a will to grow spiritually and mentally. We do all the things in our lives but to love ourselves. We waste years in finding the easy route to success. We deny facts and realities assuming they are not there or simply by telling ourselves that we do not want to discuss. We procrastinate things. We blame others. We complain about our lives and about every thing. We keep on going to the same job we hate every single day, but we do not take action to send our CV to a few more openings. We do things we do not like but do nothing to change them. We suffer from the opposite of love: laziness. We simply do not learn to love ourselves.

I did not love myself for a long long time. I suffered unnecessarily. I wasted my talent and my genius and I kept on wasting myself for years. Till I began to love myself !

Loving others means nothing, if we have not mastered to love ourself. Here is the key to start loving oneself. Take the following simple steps.

1. First understand that we love only some thing that we think is of some value. Make it a firm belief in your heart. Whatever we value, we do not let go waste. We spend time to nurture it. We take action to protect it, to grow it, to see it develop. We cherish its beauty, that has evolved through our efforts. We find that although its hard to take care of it, and some times it becomes uneasy and difficult, but we keep on taking time and efforts.

Decide to yourself, in your deepest of heart, that you would love yourself.  Do it today, because I cannot see a single soul any more to let itself go waste.


2. Take action. Start with some thing very very small and manageable. Do not try to find an escape route. Do not try to waste your time looking for some thing easy.  Start an action that proves that you are valuable. That tells you that your body, your time, your health, your relationships , your emotions, your self , your hygiene, your every thing is valuable.


Start with exercise to prove your body and health is valuable.

Start to talk with your siblings and parents to tell that they are valuable.

Reduce TV watching hours to tell yourself that your time is valuable.

Start eating healthy and refuse junk food to prove yourself that you value your health.

Start praying or whatever ritual you do to tell you value your beliefs.

Start reading , even if its a page a day to tell yourself that you value mental growth.

Start… please start. Take action. You are too valuable to let yourself fall victim for inaction or laziness.


3. Keep a journal of your success. Build small. Take action. Note it. Take more action. Note it. Get results. Note them. Get no results. Note them. Get better results. Note them. Read. Write. Learn. Do. Start. Remember it takes action. And taking action is always uneasy. It throws us out from our comfort zones. But remind yourself also, who you are?

Do not keep on thinking. Do not leave the place where you are reading those words, without taking an action about what you have decided.


4. Redefine your identity. Redefine who you are? Are you the one who would be another waste of universe’s efforts? Are you the one who has decided to remain unmoved? Are you the one who has decided to let him or herself rust? Or you the one who has a capacity to love? Or you the one who has a will and courage to take action. Or you are the one who takes action. Decide and redefine your self. Redefine your identity. Note it. Write it down on your journal.


5. Involve me  in your commitment. I am a perfect stranger to you. You can tell me that you cannot tell anyone. I wont discourage you. I wont disown you. I wont demotivate you. Because I have been through the same journey. Its only that I started a few steps earlier. And you are going to reach soon here, where I am today. I promise we would celebrate the success together.



6. Involve others in the process. Spread the light.  Guide them to this point. At least to the point where you started. Spread the word. Make them grow. Clear their wind screens and glasses so that they start seeing clearly. Clean your glasses as well. Wipe theirs. Ask them to take action.


7. Keep on reminding yourself. Human mind tends to forget with in 48 hours, that which is not reminded. You would have to condition yourself. Repeat to yourself who you are. Write that to yourself. Rewrite. Write your goals. Write your ambitions. Write to tell yourself that you are not going to let go efforts of the universe and god go waste on you.


Write to tell yourself. Tell yourself to write. Repeat with belief. Believe with repetition. Take  action. Tell me about your success. Tell all.

Remember to celebrate and remember to be thankful.


Start by taking a small action: Write a comment about how you feel?