Stop Hating Problems (2)

Then there are real problems. I call them tests rather than problems.

One fine day you find a message on your cell phone from your spouse that she does not love you any more and she leaves you to get married to another guy.

Or when you open your email box at your work place you find an email during a normal, regular week informing you that your services are no longer required.

You lose appetite and your medical tests declare that you have a pancreatic cancer.

Now these are problems. Serious, big, real life stake involving problems. Tests. 

And did you ever wonder why these are sent to you? Or if you find time, do you ever think why are these kind of tests thrown at you, sometimes at a showering pace?

For that there is only one reason. All such tests are designed in a manner so that you face them and grow out of them. There is one such universal hand that writes this all and this hand has a pretty neat handwriting.

The key is to understand the reason hidden behind these tests. Face them. Accept them. Do some thing to resolve them or minimize or tackle them. And in this process of understanding, accepting and resolving grow out of them.

I am not saying coming out of them but growing out of these tests.

And we do our best to avoid them. There is one funny thing about these tests: they just do not go away. A test which is designed for us shall be sent to us, again and again, repeatedly, under different situations and conditions till we take it, pass it and grow out of it.

The next stage test is only sent to us if we have grown out of the previous one. Some times we take years or even decades to pass one test. And that just does not go away. It stays there, till we pass it. Overcome it. Reap the rewards of it and at the end of all this process of facing , accepting tests and growing out of them, till we genuinely feel thankfulness towards that invisible hand.

When we have felt that, the test is taken away. We are given certain colors of success and given us more appreciation for the next higher level.

So the next time you find a test coming towards you, you say a genuine honest from the heart thank you to that invisible hand. Accept it that someone out there cared enough to make sure that you grow in your self.

And when you do it, you send the message to the universe, the invisible hand that I have understood the purpose of the test and I have grown out of it. As soon as you do that , the test is lifted from you, since the universe is not interested to keep you busy in some thing that which you have already surpassed.

Perhaps that is why the Great Ali in the deserts of Arabia said some 1400 years ago: ” Problems increase by mentioning them. Reduce with silence. And are converted into joy by being thankful for them”