Take Count of Your Redefining Moments

Have you ever some time looked back at your life and thought”Oh My! How much I have changed?”  Most of us have done this or thought of this often. What most of us have not done enough is to think deeply what were those moments that made us what we are today?

Take a count of those moments in your life. Ask yourself questions like:

1. What did exactly happen?

2. How it made you feel?

3. Were you pushed to your limits?

4. How did you know those were your limits?

5. What was the tipping point?

6. Will it cause the same pain to go through it again?

7. If you have to go through it again, will you do better?

8. What did you learn?

9. What did you find about yourself?

10. What did it transform you into? What were you used to be and what did you become?

Pick up a pencil and a few paper sheets and take out some time to write the answers. You will know much more about yourself during that time than you have ever before.