That what hurts, instructs !

Whatever problem life throws at us serves us a purpose. To teach us for a goal of becoming better.

Benjamin Franklin very wisely said, that what hurts, instructs.

Our brain is biologically designed to register pain and keep a memory of it much more as compared to registering joy. The lessons learnt, which are associated with pain are rarely forgotten.

Thus all wise men welcome problems and decide to go through them, rather than to avoid them. It is going through problems that we learn and improve.

But still a vast majority of us ignores them, tries to overlook them, hides away from them, pretends that they do not exist or worst of all, thinks that they would go away by themselves.

We want our children to go through problems and face them squarely rather than keep on looking for ways to avoid them.

We have two choices, to teach our children to go through pain and problems and in the process evolve and develop and grow into beings what God wants us to be.

The second option is to maintain the status quo. To chose to remain as what we are. To opt for stagnancy. To opt for not improving on a daily basis.

It takes much more effort to stay as we are, than it takes to improve on ourselves.

The choice is with us. It is always with us !

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