The Battles I Have Won

The battles I have one:

1. To be able to think best of the people, to think about not what they have done to me, neither about what they are but what they can become!

2. To still my mind, I have learned to do one thing at a time. If I am reading a book, I am reading a book. If I am taking a walk, I am taking a walk. Nothing more.

3. To work hard as if there were no God and things only depended on me and to pray as If I had done nothing and only God would deliver for me.

4. To not speak just because every one is speaking. I have learned that it is not necessary to say every thing.

5. I can love her every time as if I had met her for the first time.

6. I can focus like a child

7. To ask questions to my own self. Tough, hard questions.

8. To be honest about my emotions and to people whom they are associated, even if it is about asking to make love to.

9. I have overcome procrastination.

10. I can listen. I can really really listen now… to people, to the universe, to you.

11. And finally the greatest battle I have won over the years is to accept decisions of God.