The Decision Exhaustion

Every decision takes a certain amount of energy to make. The larger the decision and its impact, the larger the emotional and mental energy it requires from us.

However, small or tiny decisions that need to be repeated again and again consume our energies and drain our will power. The decisions could be so small like resisting to leave your work chair before a task is complete or resisting an urge to check email.

Small decisions, if needed to be repeated again and again consume our will power and bring us emotional fatigue. The key to get rid of this emotional fatigue is to take an action that limits the decision.

Going offline while working on an important task relieves us from emotional fatigue, since we have eliminated (though for a short period of time) the possibility of going online.

It becomes more significant in significant decisions impacting us like leaving a job or getting out of a dead relationship. If we have decided to break up with some one, then taking a similar action like asking for announcing of a divorce relieves us from emotional fatigue.

Taking actions to support such decisions like putting constraints on ourselves involves love. We do not want to let ourselves suffer without a cause worthy of it.

Start loving yourself truly. If you have decided to focus on work, go offline. If you have decided to end a dead relationship, get a divorce. If you have decided to start your business, quit your job.

Take the plunge. Dive in the unknown realm of what is coming up next. Trust your future. Trust the hand that writes that future. Act with love. You will be handled with love.


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